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Your Screening Results

The results from your personal health screening are made available a few days following your exam following their review by a physician. You will receive a personalized email containing a link to the Total Wellness patient portal where you will be prompted to login using your personal identification code.

Take Control of Your Health

  • Web-based results
  • Color-coded risk analysis
  • Physician-supervised

Once logged in, the portal will display an intuitive look at your personal health status, complete with a color-coded risk analysis review and links to receive more information on what the results mean to your health.

Patient Portal  

The presence of a chronic disease or potential for life-threatening medical condition will be communicated to you via phone and instructions on what steps to take will be provided.

  • Questions regarding an upcoming or recent screening event should be directed to your company representative or HR department.
  • Questions regarding your screening results should be directed to your physician or healthcare provider.